Question: How to convert to float for trignometrical functions

Hi All,

I have been using trignometric functions where the inputs are sometimes intergers. When ever I am having an interger as argument for trignometric functions the out is unevaluated.

expression := 3*sin(z)+9*sin(x)*(1/4);
values := [x = 1, z = 1.570796327];

Now if I evaluate the above expression
eval(expression, values);
output is something like below


but if I change the x value from 1 to 1.0

expression := 3*sin(z)+9*sin(x)*(1/4); values := [x = 1.0, z = 1.570796327];
My output is 4.893309716;

I am doing ths inside a procedure hence I cannot change the values to float manually, Is it possible to change the intergers to floats when using trig functions??

Thank you

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