Question: Sorry, but it's a bug !

Hi !
I made a program that solves a series of system of linear equations of increasing dimension.
Equations with rational numbers. I have a list of equations "liseq1" and a list of variables "lisvar1".
I use the following command :
solve(liseq1,lisvar1) ;
When the equation system reaches dimension 32, Maple gives me the following error message :
"Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-Modular:-IntegerLinearSolve) invalid arguments to iratrecon" .
It is an overdetermined system with 33 equations and 32 unknowns .
The variables are defined with the command:
 x: = array (0..31) ;
I managed to work around the problem by replacing the variables with the following commands :
lissub: = seq (x[i] = x||i, i = 0..31) ;
lisvar2: = subs(lissub, lisvar1) ;
liseq2: = subs(lissub, liseq1) ;
solve (liseq2, lisvar2);
If you run the file I sent, Maple sometimes gives the desired answer but in a random way
because if you run the last 3 lines in a different order you will get the answer or the
error message .
Something remains in memory. Sorry, but it's a bug.
I have Windows 10, 64 bit with Maple 2018.2.
Regards .
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