Question: pdsolve in Maple 2019 prints internal results to screen

This is a minor issue, but I noticed using Maple 2019, with Physics cloud version 331 that it prints on the screen some results from internal computation on some calls to pdsolve

I have a ":" at the end of each command, so no output should go to the screen. In Maple 2018 this does not happen.


pde := a*diff(w(x,y),x) +  b*arctan(lambda*y)*diff(w(x,y),y) =  a*arctan(mu*x)^m+arctan(beta*y)^k:
sol := pdsolve(pde,w(x,y)):

#another example

pde := a*diff(w(x,y),x) +  b*arccot(lambda*y)*diff(w(x,y),y) =  a*arccot(mu*x)^m+arccot(beta*y)^k:

Running the above on Maple 2019 and Maple 2018, here is screen shot. Notice the output in Maple 2019


In Maple 2019


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