Question: How to save a Maple file on a text mode only server?

I'm using Maple on a compute server (via Putty from my computer which has windows system). It is an only-text mode server so it is a black screen and text and no menu bar to choose file and then save by clicking etc. You only can write commands and press Enter.

Someone suggested to use writeto("filename.txt"), but I can't see any file on my drive, I used writeto("\drvename\filename.txt"), but still nothing.

How can I save my computations?

A picture for trying both \ and /, single and double is added below;

I found an alternative method using the following post;

After closing Putty, I go to my hdrive and I see a log file, then I open it with notepad. But it looks a bit ugly. A picture of the result is in below.

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