Question: Maple gives solution to PDE which gives 1/0 for first term in sum

fyi, there seems to be a problem here. Maple 2019, Physics version 395 on windows 10.

The solution given to this wave PDE by Maple as sum that starts from zero, has "n" in the denominator. When n=0, this gives division by zero.  Is this a bug?

L:=3: c:=4: h:=1/10: b:=Pi*c/L:
f:=piecewise(0<=x and x<=L/3,3*h/L*x,L/3<x and x<=L,h):
pde := diff(u(x,t),t$2) + b*diff(u(x,t),t) = c^2*diff(u(x,t),x$2):
bc  := u(0,t)=0,D[1](u)(L,t)=0:
ic  := D[2](u)(x,0)=0,u(x,0)=f:

u(x, t) = Sum(-((3/10)*I)*sin((1/6)*(1+2*n)*Pi*x)*(3^(1/2)*sin((1/3)*Pi*n)+cos((1/3)*Pi*n))*((2*I)*exp((4/3)*t*(I*n^(1/2)*(n+1)^(1/2)-1/2)*Pi)*n^(1/2)*(n+1)^(1/2)+(2*I)*exp(-(4/3)*(I*n^(1/2)*(n+1)^(1/2)+1/2)*t*Pi)*n^(1/2)*(n+1)^(1/2)+exp((4/3)*t*(I*n^(1/2)*(n+1)^(1/2)-1/2)*Pi)-exp(-(4/3)*(I*n^(1/2)*(n+1)^(1/2)+1/2)*t*Pi))/(n^(1/2)*(n+1)^(1/2)*Pi^2*(1+2*n)^2), n = 0 .. infinity)

Error, numeric exception: division by zero





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