Question: How to do simple vector addition?


I am studying Marine Engineer, and we are gonna work alot with vectors. I am using Maple as my mathematical software and i would like to know if you can do a simple vector addition in Maple?
I have tried to make a simple vector diagram to help understand my problem. 
My vector U, is my reference vector, and my two vectors I1 and I2 are the vectors i would like to plus. I know the length of both I1 and I2, and i know the angle between I1 and U and I2 and U.

If i am using my TI-nspire, i can just type in the length and angle on both I1 and I2, to my reference vector, and then plus them together. Is this possible to do in maple?

For the vectors onmy example the result of vector additon of I1+I2 = 2.42 to an angle of 48.07 degree.

The image is just for representation and is not accurate according to the lengths and angles.

Hope someone out there can help me.


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