Question: strange latex result. Why an extra 1 shows up?

We all know that Maple's Latex is not the best of Maple to say the least.

But this one is really strange. Maple prints a `1` for no apparant reason in the latex which makes it ugly. 

I wonder if Maplesoft still maintains its Latex conversion code at all?  So one can at least hope may be one day all of this will get fixed? Year after year, and Maple's Latex still not changed.  

If Mapesoft do not intend to make any changes in its Latex conversion software at all, it will be good if an official statement is made in this regards so that at least customers know.

sol:=dsolve((x-a)*(x-b)*diff(y(x),x)+k*(y(x)-a)*(y(x)-b) = 0,y(x)):

y(x) = ((x-b)^(-k)*(x-a)^k*a*exp(a*k*C[1]-b*k*C[1])-(x-b)^(-k)*(x-a)^k*b*exp(a*k*C[1]-b*k*C[1])+b*((-x+b)/(-x+a))^(-k)*exp(a*k*C[1]-b*k*C[1])-b)/(-1+((-x+b)/(-x+a))^(-k)*exp(a*k*C[1]-b*k*C[1]))


y \left( x \right) ={1 \left(  \left( x-b \right) ^{-k} \left( x-a
 \right) ^{k}a{{\rm e}^{akC_{{1}}-bkC_{{1}}}}- \left( x-b \right) ^{-k
} \left( x-a \right) ^{k}b{{\rm e}^{akC_{{1}}-bkC_{{1}}}}+b \left( {
\frac {-x+b}{-x+a}} \right) ^{-k}{{\rm e}^{akC_{{1}}-bkC_{{1}}}}-b

 \right)  \left( -1+ \left( {\frac {-x+b}{-x+a}} \right) ^{-k}{{\rm e}
^{akC_{{1}}-bkC_{{1}}}} \right) ^{-1}}





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