Question: square of wave function with h shifted Gaussian weight function


I want to find abs(psi)^2 for below psi

psi=int(int(exp(-a*(mu-b)^2)*exp(-c*(V-d)^2)*exp(I*(Q*u-(5/3*Q)*v^(mu/V)-3/16*(v^(4/V)/Q)))*v^((1/2)*(1-V)/V), mu = 0 .. 2), V = -15 .. 15) when mu=0..2 and V=-15..15 for Q:=3, a=10, c=5, b=3 and d=0.

unfortunatelly, I write above psi in maple 18 but it does not work, please tell me how to calculate (abs(psi))^2 for above wave equation (psi).

with the best regard.

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