Question: Defining a new tensor using the inverse of a previously defined tensor

I need to take the inverse of a tensor which I have denoted as e[~mu,nu] which is defined by a rather larger Matrix. I had computed this matrix using Mathematica and then simply transferred the resulting matrix by using the calling sequence 


which worked swell for transferring said matrix in to Maple. Then using the Physics package I was able to define it as a tensor, with a contravariant and covariant index, respectively. Now, when trying to transfer the inverse of said matrix into Maple to define as a new tensor which I intend to call f[mu,~nu], I get an error saying that the number of free indices on the left hand side does not coincide with the number of free indices on the right hand side. Since, this "new" tensor will really just be the inverse of the matrix which I used to define e[~mu,nu], I was wondering if there was any way in which I can simply compute the inverse of the matrix defining e[~mu,nu] in Maple and then let it be equivalent to f[mu,~nu], afterwhich I would then define it as a new tensor itself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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