Question: How do I turn a system of parametric equations into an error function?

In Maple 2020, I clicked on "Math Apps" and then clicked on "Algebra & Geometry", followed by "Boy's Surface".

It is a set of 3 parametric equations in terms of {u,v}. I would like to eliminate u and v and turn this into a single "error" function in terms of (x,y,z) such that anywhere this function is zero, the original set of equations are satisfied for some value of {u,v}. (Ideally, the values of u and v could be determined as well, but that would be a bonus.)

I tried this:

alpha = 1;
u in [-Pi/2, Pi/2];
v in [0, Pi];
eq1 := x(u, v) = (sqrt(2)*cos(v)^2*cos(2*u) + cos(u)*sin(2*v))/(2 - alpha*sqrt(2)*sin(3*u)*sin(2*v));
eq2 := y(u, v) = (sqrt(2)*cos(v)^2*sin(2*u) - sin(u)*sin(2*v))/(2 - alpha*sqrt(2)*sin(3*u)*sin(2*v));
eq3 := z(u, v) = 3*cos(v)^2/(2 - alpha*sqrt(2)*sin(3*u)*sin(2*v));
eliminate({eq1, eq2, eq3}, {u, v});

but got no response and no error message.

Additionally, I tried explaining that I want a function f such that f(x,y,z)=0, but again got no response and no error message:

eq4 := f(x, y, z) = 0;
solve({eq1, eq2, eq3, eq4}, f);

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you!

-- Glenn

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