Question: Broken file associations in Maple 2020

Dear Maple users

I have had problems with Maple 2020. I am using Windows 10, by the way, and have several versions of Maple installed: 2019, 2018 and even 2017. Now however I am unable to open a Maple file from Windows Explorer either by double-clicking or by right-clicking and choosing "Open with" Maple 2020. Nothing happens when I try so! It works properly when I choose older versions of Maple. I have about the same problems on another computer, an Ultrabook. It is really a pain having to open Maple 2020 and then having to browse all the way down a file path ... 

NB! I have tried reinstalling, but it didn't help!

I hope someone have an idea how to solve this issue. Can it be solved in the Windows Registry?



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