Question: Output during loop processing

I'm using Maple to solve academic problems.
At a certain stage, I need a loop to perform numerical calculations, from where I extract a graph. However, each step takes a long time and therefore, I would like to evaluate the performance of the result at each step of time.
To simulate my calculation, I created a test code:

restart:                                                                  # Restart
with(Threads):                                                      # To use Sleep()
a := 2*((ceil(rand()/10^10)-50)*(1/10)):                # Random Value
b := 2*(ceil(rand()/10^10)-50):                             # Random Value
c := 2*ceil(rand()/10^10)-100:                             # Random Value
f := proc (x) options operator, arrow; a*x^2+b*x+c end proc;                  # Generic function that i'm ploting.
np := 10:                                                              # Number of Points i'm ploting
vmax := 10:                                                         # Maximum funcxtion value
VAR1 := Matrix(np+1, 2, proc (m, n) options operator, arrow; if n = 1 then (m-1)*vmax/np else 0 end if end proc):       # Declaring VAR1 as a "null" matrix

for i to np+1 do                                                  # Loop Start
VAR1[i, 2] := f((i-1)*vmax/np):                           # VAR1 value update
print(plot([VAR1], x = 0 .. vmax,  gridlines)):                           # Ploting VAR1
Sleep(.25):                                                         # Simulating longer processing time


However, all graphs are displayed simultaneously after the last step of the for loop.
I would like to print the result (output) after each time step, plotting a new graph for each time an iteration ends.
Would anyone know how to do this?

Thank you for your help.


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