Question: how do I plot multiple graph in a single plot?


I am having equation y(x) in 5 variable c1, c2, A, R and x.

I am not able to plot graph in x and y(x) for A=1, c1 = 2.3, c2 = 2.4 and R=0,2 5,9.

Range of x: -1..1

Caption :graph of y(x) at different value of R.

Legend: R=0, R=1, R=2, R=3.

my equation is


"y(x):=0.0000148809523809523809 A^3 R^2 x^10-0.000334821428571428572 A^3 R^2 x^8+0.00156250000000000000 A^3 R^2 x^7+0.000133928571428571429 A^3 R^2 x^6-0.00312500000000000000 A^2 R^2 x^7+0.00156250000000000000 A^3 R^2 x^5-0.0156250000000000000 A^3 R^2 x^4-0.00312500000000000000 A^2 R^2 x^5-0.00625000000000000000 A^2 R x^6+0.00647321428571428572 A^3 R^2 x^3+0.0625000000000000000 A^2 R^2 x^4-0.0129464285714285714 A^2 R^2 x^3-0.0625000000000000000 A R^2 x^4+0.0625000000000000000 A c1 c2 x^4+0.125000000000000000 A^2 R x^3-0.00319293058132343847 A^3 R^2+0.00803571428571428571 A^2 R x^2-0.250000000000000000 A R x^3+0.0125000000000000000 A^2 R^2-0.00178571428571428571 A^2 R-0.0125000000000000000 A R^2+0.0125000000000000000 A c1 c2-0.750000000000000000 A x^2+0.500000000000000001 (0.0380078849721706865 A^3 R^2-0.150000000000000000 A^2 R^2+0.150000000000000000 A R^2-0.150000000000000000 A c1 c2) x^2+0.750000000000000000 A+1.00000000000000000 (-0.00959821428571428571 A^3 R^2+0.0191964285714285714 A^2 R^2) x+1.00000000000000000 (-0.125000000000000000 A^2 R+0.250000000000000000 A R) x:"




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