Question: easy way to break expression of type `*` to two parts only?

In Maple, an expression of type `*` can have many operands. I need to break it to product of two operands only.

For example given, expr:=A*B*C, I want first_part to be A and second_part to B*C

The way I do it now is clumsy.

I first check if expression is of type `*`, then use first_part :=op(1,expr) to find the first term, then divide the expression by that first term to find the second part. second_part:=expr/first_part

second_part:=op(2..nops(expr)) does not exaclty works, since it gives me B,C instead of B*C.

What would be a good way to do this? Notice that expr:=-A is actually a `*`, where first_part:=-1 and second_part:=A. Which is OK.

expr         := A*B*C;
first_part   := op(1,expr);
second_part  := expr/first_part;

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