Question: how to make TypeTools add private type to my package?

inside my module, I create types to be used by only procs, and other sub modules inside the main one package I have.

but TypeTools:-AddType invoked inside my package, adds the type to system. So a user after loading the package can still see it and use this type.

Adding local before TypeTools:-AddType is not supported.

How to make the type only visible inside the package? Here is example

 option package;
 TypeTools:-AddType(age_type,t->evalb(t::nonnegint and t<150));
 export foo:=proc()
    local age::age_type:=20;
 end proc;
end module;


And now a user can do this


It worked, since age_type is now in the system. This can also cause a problem, since loading this package, could overwrite a type name allready set there by another package the user happened to load before.

If I can make it at least such that the user has to do 


That would be better. But the best solution is to make the type name completely not visible from outside the package. i.e. private type to the package only.

I looked at Extension Mechanisms under typetools in help, but do not see how to use that for what I want.


Maple 2020.1

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