Question: How does ColumnSpace work in Maple?

I do not understand what ColumnSpace is doing in Maple, as I can't get it to match my hand solution and the book. It must be using different definition which is not the book standard.

In the textbook, it says to find column space of matrix A, is to find the Echelon form, then lookup the pivot columns. Then pick the corresponding columns from the original A. These are the column space.

I'll show the book example, and Maple code to try to get same answer.

Here is an example from the book

Notice the columns space are the first, second and fourth columns of A. Since these correspond to the pivot columns of the Echelon form.

In Maple, the Echelon is found using LinearAlgebra:-GaussianElimination(A,'method'='FractionFree'); which gives the same pivot columns as the book. So far so good (the numbers are not the same, but this is normal, as Echelon form is not unique. Only reduced Echelon form is unique), but as long as the pviot columns are correct, that is the important part. 

But when I do LinearAlgebra:-ColumnSpace(A); I get completely different result. The only thing I could see in help, is that it says The Vectors are returned in canonical form with leading entries 1.

I do not underand what that means or how to convert Maple answer to make it match the expeted result since the result is completely different and I do not see the mapping needed.


I also tried this on Wolfram Alpha, and got same answer as the book



Maple 2020.1

reference: Differential Equations and linear algebra, 4th ed., Edwards, Penney and Calvis. Pearson. 2017. page 247.

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