Question: modp1(('Multiply')(...))

Hi there.

As we all know if we multiply two polynomials f(x) and g(x) of degrees m and n respectively we get polynomial h(x)= f(x)*g(x) of degree m+n and with m+n+1 coefficients in general. Function modp1(('Multiply')(...)) doing this very well. But sometimes we don't need full resulting h(x) - just subset of monomials and subset of coefficients of h(x) - so we don't need to calculate all m+n+1 coefficients of h(x) and waste time and resources for that.

I would request some additional rework of modp1 package: by adding to modp1(('Multiply')(...)) two optional parameters - degrees of first and last calculating coefficients of h(x).

For example:

h:=modp1(Multiply(f, g,n-1,n+1), p) could calculate only monomials with n-1, n and n+1 degrees and set other monomials to zero.

Or maybe it should be new function:

h:=modp1(Multiply_Truncate(f, g,n-1,n+1), p)


Is it possible?

It would be great and very efficient in many tasks.

Thank you.

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