Question: how to start new instance of Maple 2020 while another is running?

Here is the problem. I start Maple 2020 on windows 10. Run a script which takes 1-2 days to complete. 

During this time, I can't use that Maple at all, since it is busy. 

I could start Maple 2019, and that runs as completely separate process. But I want to use Maple 2020 since some things in my scripts do not work on Maple 2019 that work on Maple 2020.

If I start a new instance of Maple 2020, by doing Start->Maple 2020. it does seem to start it OK, but I noticed it seems to be somehow still connected to the one running somehow.  May be they are sharing the same interface?

I can use the new instance now and open new worksheet and use it. But it seems to become very slow, as if it is sharing something with the other Maple 2020 running the long script which uses lots of resources. It is not RAM issue, I have 64 GB RAM, and there is plenty of free RAM left. 

When I close the new Maple 2020 workseet I started, I get a message asking if I want to save the worksheet that I have open from the earlier instance which is still running ! 

I say no ofcourse, as I do not want to terminate that instance, I want to keep it running until the script is completed.

My question is: Could someone may be explain exactly what happens when one starts new Maple 2020, while one is allready running? Why it seems they are sharing either the interface or something else.  How to start completely separate Maple 2020 instance on same PC while one is allready running?

With Mathematica, this issue does not happen. I can start two instances of same version on same PC, and there is nothing shared between them at all.  This does not seem to be the case with Maple.

Maple 2020.1 on windows 10.


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