Question: How to calculate saturation pressure of vapor for given air-water mixture temperature?

I am a newbie in Maple! I tried both ThermophysicalData and its CoolProp package to find saturation pressure of vapor for given air-water mixture temperature.

I want to calculate water vapor density in air or simply Absolute humidity (kg/m3)

But i can not see any meaningful function or combination of functions/properties in CoolProp to give such output.

P_w in CoolProp, HApropSI takes this as input only that is not usefule either way inpoutput

The rationale is to work from RH and then calculate P_w as output: P_w=RH x P_g where P_g is vapor saturation pressure at the given ambient condition.

From there all world is yours!

You can use ideal gas rules to do everything. But i cant use CoolProp to calculate the ABsolute humidty for given RH and ambient condition.


Note that clearly i can calculate all these from hand calculation as well as approximation formuale of Clausius-Clapeyron equation. But i wanted to do in Maple with its packages.


Any help is appreciated!?





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