Question: small issue in Latex. Use of mathrm for ln

I am still checking output using latest Latex and Maple 2020.2. I noticed a small problem.

Current Latex uses \mathrm{ln} instead of as before, which is just \ln this casues the space before the operator now to be lost, cause hard to read math.

It is better not to use \mathrm on ln

Here is an example

      UseColor = false,
      powersoftrigonometricfunctions= computernotation,
      leavespaceafterfunctionname = true
expr:= 4*exp(3*x)+3*ln(x);

                       4 {\mathrm e}^{3 x}+3 \mathrm{ln}\left(x \right)

It should be

4 {\mathrm e}^{3 x}+3 \ln\left(x \right)

Without even \, between the letter before \ln as old latex() did:


           4\,{{\rm e}^{3\,x}}+3\,\ln  \left( x \right)

As the Latex engine itself takes care of the spacing around math operators best.

Here is the difference when the Latex is compiled. The use of mathrm with exponential is not an issue, since it is one letter operator, but not with ln.


This is how it is now
4 {\mathrm e}^{3 x}+3 \mathrm{ln}\left(x \right)
This is what it is better to be
4 {\mathrm e}^{3 x}+3 \ln\left(x \right)

Compiled with lualatex compiler gives

The above shows the space problem.

Using Maple 2020.2 and Physics   879


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