Question: How to use Arrays instead of big Lists when the list contains lists?

Recently, I encountered warnings and errors when size of my list is big. Maple says use array instead of list because of ... . When the list is just a list of numbers or a list of lists of the same size, I can rewrite it as an array, but how about a list like the following?


This is just an example. So the elements of this list are lists containing a vector (a point in the plane) and a number (a property of this point). One idea is to use two arrays, a two dimensional array for recording the vectors, and one 1-dimensional array for recording the numbers and keep in mind that the i-th number of the second array is related to the i-th vector (row) in the first array. But is there any possibility to have this data recorded similar to when we are using lists, i.e. similar to the above code?

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