Question: Strange behavior of simplify

I do not underand why these two gives different results

mysol:= exp(sqrt( y(x)^2/x^2+1)) = _C1*x;
ode:=diff(y(x),x) = (y(x)^2+(x^2+y(x)^2)^(1/2)*x)/x/y(x);

And now case A:

simplify(odetest(mysol,ode)) assuming x>0;


But case B

simplify(res) assuming x>0;

      #does not give zero


Why is putting the result in a variable first makes it give a different result?

What should one do so both case A and B give 0 ?

It looks like scoping issue of assuming. But this is really confusing, I did not expect that putting an intermediate result in a variable first will make a difference.

Maple 2020.2, Physis 897

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