Question: How do I force evaluation?

I have a problem with evaluation. The eval(s, eqns) does not evaluate s before evaluation with eqns.

How do I do this?

vars := indets(eqns);


{exp(-2*t), exp(1/4*(-11+73^(1/2))*t), exp(-1/4*(11+73^(1/2))*t), i[C1](t), i[R1](t), i[R2](t), i[R3](t), i[V1](t), v[1](t), v[2](t), v[3](t),    v[4](t), v[L1](t), v[R1](t), v[R2](t), v[R3](t), v[V1](t)}

for s in indets(others) do
    if has(s, i) or has(s, v) then print(s);eval(s, eqns); end if;
end do:

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