Question: Exporting Maple 3d graphics to Latex with high quality

I want to export Maple 3d graphics to Latex with high quality. ( MAPLE 2020.1)

I export the 3d graphics to a .jpeg or.png file, but the quality of graphics is very poor. So, I want to prefer Encapsulated PostScript files (.eps) format.

 I select the figure, right-click it and choose "Export as". and  I save the figure as  .eps file. No problem I get a file. But when I add the eps figure to Latex, I live some problems:

MY Example Code:

scheme1 := ["zgradient",["Blue","Cyan","Green","Yellow","Orange","Red"]]:

P1:=plot3d(x*y, colorscheme=scheme1,style=surfacecontour ): 
final_plot:=display({P1,P2}); #I want to export this figure to .eps


PROBLEMS which I live:

  • Sometimes I get the result as follows:

  • Sometimes compiling takes too long time in latex, I don't get any results or get an error. (I tried on the all of TexStudio or TexMaker or overleaf)

I read the previous post on this site and applied the suggestions, but I still live the same problem.



I can add Maple 2d graphics to LATEX without any problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

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