Question: easy way to remove all specific substrings from one long string?

I could not find a function in StringTools package which removes all substrings (not single characters) from one long string directly. 

For example given a Latex string 

s:=" \\left \\int x \\,dx \\left";

And I want to remove all "\\left"  from it, which results in "  \\int x \\,dx "

In Mathematica, there is a function called StringDelete which removes all occurances of the substring in one call. Like this

s = " \\left \\int x \\,dx \\left";
StringDelete[s, "\\left"]

In Maple, I tried StringTools:-Remove(x->evalb(x="\\left"),s) and this did not work.Also tried

s:=" \\left \\int x \\,dx \\left";

But this returned "leftintxdxleft"

And StringTools:-Delete needs a range, which one then has to first find.

I found this:

s:=" \\left \\int x \\,dx \\left";
idx:=[StringTools:-SearchAll("\\left",s)]; #returns index of first character in the string
StringTools:-Delete(s,idx[1]..idx[1]+4); #this only remove the first one. Need to loop to remove all.

Which returns the first substring. So one has to make a loop and keep removing all substrings found from the call to StringTools:-SearchAll

This is all too much work. But can be done.

The question is: What is the simplist way to remove all substrings from one string? All substrings are the same and the substrings can be more than one character.

Here is another example


And want to remove all "66" substrings, so the result will be


I am sure there must be an easier way to do this in Maple than having to call 2 or 3 functions and using a loop, but I could not find it so far. 

What would be the closest function in Maple to Mathematica's StringDelete? 


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