Question: timelimit still does not work for some cases in Maple 2021

timelimit() has improved in Maple 2021, and I thought it works now for everything.

But unfortunately,, it still hangs on some dsolves when I was testing something. Here is an example


The above has one minute timeout. But its been running for 20 minutes now. Here is another example that hangs

ode:=(diff(y(x),x) = (-y(x)^2+4*a*x)^3/(-y(x)^2+4*a*x-1)/y(x));

I have found many more dsolve examples that hang with timelimit. Will update later. May be they will help find the cause.

Hopefully this timelimit issue will be fixed in some future release.  hangs in Maple commands even when using timelimit makes it very hard to run long scripts that run over many problems, since do not know when/where it will hang and have to restart and clean things manually each time.

Window 10. Maple 2021

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