Question: how to use indets with type symbol but specific symbol?

Given an expressions such as 


I want to use indets to find only the mathematical functions in it, and also symbol but only x symbol in this above. I can do the following to find the mathematical functions and symbols, but I do not know how to tell it to find type symbol which happend to be x. Since x is not a type.

lis:=indets(expr,  Or( And(type_1),  type_2 ))

Which gives

But I really wanted this output

I know I can post process the outout using has or remove, to remove symbol y. But is it possible to do that using indets? something similar to specfunc but specsymbol ? I looked at the help page for Definition of a Structured Type in Maple but do not see anything there so far.

I tried

lis:=indets(expr,  Or( And(type_1),  And(type_2) ))

but it gives same output.



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