Question: why Maple asks "save large calculations" on this code using Array?

I have not used Array much before. I made an array that has 3 elements, starting index is 0 and last index is 2.

I want each element in the array to be an empty list, so I can later add to it.  (since I do not know in advanced what size of list I need in each slot of the Array).


And this works in the code I am using. But the strange thing, each time I try to save the worksheet, I get Warning about saving Large calculation.

What large caclulation? The array is empty?

Even though the code is working, and I can add to each entry in the array lists OK and been using it OK, I think may be I am not doing something right.

How to correctly creat an Array from 0..N  and initialized each entry to empty list?

Maple 2021.2

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