Question: How to act with a differential operator on a function

This might be a trivial question, but I have not been able to find the answer. I am using Maple 2018.

I am working with differential operators acting on real valued functions of a real variable. On the first hand, I want to be able to do simple algebra with these operators. For example, I might want to compute the commutator of two such operators. I have been using the DEtools package, toghether with the 'mult' command to perform such calculations. See the atached file containing a simplified version of what I am doing.

Now, I also want to be able to act with my differential operators on a function, and get the resulting function. 

(a) What command allows me to do that within my framework? (i.e. that of DEtools with the way I have defined and used my operators)

(b) I there a better way to proceed? (i.e. is there a better way to do both algebra with differential operators and to act with them on functions to get the resulting function)

Many thanks

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