Question: How can I get an output expressed in Scientific notation?

This is a simple problem of Chemistry. I solved the exercise, but there are three aspects I don't like about output:
1) Even kg*m2 *s-2 = J (SI unit to energy) and both are correct, one must be explicit with units in order to be totally clear, so I need an output with units of J/mol and not kg*m2 *s-2 mol-1.
2) I had to hardcode number of significant figures, so I had to analize quantitys in order to determine this number, wich as you can see, is three. I think Maple can compute significant figures automatically, but I could not find the command in documentation and even in this case is not totally needed, I would like to learn how do it because it could be very useful for more complex expressions.
3) Finally, output must be expressed using scientific notation, it's say enthalpy = 10.4*104 J/mol.
Therefore: How can I get adecuate output?
Thank you for helping me;
Lic. Marcus Vinicio Mora Sallas;
Postgraduate student.

*** e1.501


Using this equation attributed to Clausius and Clapeyron,

ln(P[2]/P[1]) = Delta*H[vap]/R 1/T[1]-1/T[2]

and these data for the vapour pressure of liquid mercury at the indicated temperatures,

      P =  1.6 10^(-4) Pa at T = 273.15 K and P = 36.4 Pa at T = 373.15 K

estimate the enthalpy change Delta*H[vap] for vapourization of mercury over this range of temperature.


p := [1.6e-4*Unit('Pa'), 36.4*Unit('Pa')]:

Delta(H[vap]) = 0.105e6*Units:-Unit(m^2*kg/(s^2*mol*K))*Units:-Unit(K)



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