Question: add and `add` with different results


I noted that add and 'add' can give different result, can somebody help me understand it?  Consider the code below:

>phi1 := GAMMA(-(1/2)*vst-8.333500000-(1/2)*r)*GAMMA((1/2)*vst+21/2+(1/2)*r); phi2 := GAMMA(16.66700000+r-2*vst)*GAMMA(2.166500000+vst); xi1 := -vst; xi2 := 16.66700000+r-2*vst; z := 37.52950222; K := 9.846618489*10^(-38)*33.330^(.5000000000*r+10.)

### Then I have the following sums (they were supposed to give the same results):

>f := unapply(K*add(phi1*(-1)^vst*z^(-xi1)/factorial(vst)+phi2*(-1)^vst*z^(-xi2)/(.5*factorial(vst)), vst = 0 .. 10000), r):

>g := unapply(K*'add'(phi1*(-1)^vst*z^(-xi1)/factorial(vst)+phi2*(-1)^vst*z^(-xi2)/(.5*factorial(vst)), vst = 0 .. upto), [r, upto]);

# I am interested in the following quantities:





That seems very strange to me, why maple gives different results?

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