Question: Maple 2022 resets to "share one engine among all documents" each time,

This is a serious problem.

I change "how should maple handle the creation of new math engine?" to "Create new engine for each document". Then click on "Apply globally".  This is under Tools->Options->General

After I close Maple and start it again, I found it back to "Share one engine among all documents" ??

Why is that and how to make this permanent? 

Btw, the start Maple 2022 icon still says "Maple 2022 shared server". THis is in the start program menu. I complained about this in Maple 2021 but it is still not fixed.

I do not think this has anything to do with it. But who knows.

I noticed this when I started new worksheet and could not do anything in it because another worksheet was running something even though I made sure I had set the engine to start new one for each worksheet (this is the very first thing I do after I install Maple each time).

Any workaround to make the setting for the engine not change after closing Maple?

Windows 10. Maple 2022.

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