Question: Problems with Maple 2022

I have reported this to Maplesoft. There is a problem (on LInux 20.2) that has to do with java. I have (well, I had) a large project. Around 1500 lines when I cut and pasted into a word processor. (No, I was not editing in the word processor, I just needed a way to put a number on the size that was better than, "quite large". )

I do my editing in 2D math. The other is not an option, and I kind of doubt it would matter.

There is a problem in 2022,  in which,  after working in the editor for 3-5 hours, it gets very slow. CPU use will go into the 80% range. Java will have 1.7 GB or RAM allocated to it. The editor  becomes impossible to use. The only cure is to save the file, then re-open it after shutting down Maple. If Java goes away in system monitor (Linux version of Taskmanager) then it will work fine when it comes back. This appears to me to be a bug in handling of java, in which Maple never lets go of memory, and some piece of code goes off into all that RAM to do something. I have waited as long as half an hour. That time I gave up and killed the java task which ended Maple.

Just now, what prompted this post, in addition, is that when I brought Maple back up for the (2-3 times per day complete restart due to this problem) the file I had just saved is now corrupted, and truncated. A lot of work is gone, and no way to retrieve it I know of. The file is now less than half the size it was (43% of the size of the previous version number).

I told support that this release is acting like beta software, despite being the regular release.

Be careful. Increment your saved versions of .mw files regularly. Save regularly. Expect problems.

Configuration: Intel i7 CPU, 64 GB RAM. Note that earlier versions of Maple sometimes got memory use up to 12 GB on other sheets. I have not noticed what Java was using prior to this.

I noticed that someone changed this to a "performance" tag. It is not really about performance. This shows up as the editor is a bit slow, and then suddenly the editor is off in the weeds for a while. This is a serious memory management problem. It is also a bug that killed a day's work, and if I hadn't been lucky more than a day. Maple should not destroy files when it writes them out.

Please don't arbitrarily recategorize a bug without fully reading the problem.

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