Question: Pell Fermat equation

I try to sove the equation x^2-10*y^2=9 with tne procedure : 
genpellsolve := proc(D::posint, N::integer)
local t, u, L1, L2, sols, x, y;
if type(sqrt(D), integer) then error "D must be a nonsquare integer"; end
if; t, u := pellsolve(D); if 0 < N then L1 := 0;
L2 := floor(sqrt(1/2*N*(t - 1)/D)); elif N < 0 then L1 := ceil(sqrt(-N/D));
L2 := floor(sqrt(-1/2*N*(t + 1)/D)); else return {[0, 0]}; end if;
sols := {}; for y from L1 to L2 do x := sqrt(N + D*y^2);
if type(x, integer) then sols := sols union {[x, y]};
if (x^2 + D*y^2) mod N <> 0 or (2*x*y) mod N <> 0 then sols := sols union {[-x, y]};
end if;
end if;
end do;  return sols;
end proc:
This procedudure fails; I don't see why. Thank you for your help.

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