Question: Maple and Matlab2022a

  1. I use both Maple and Matlab
  2. I also install (a stripped down version of) Maple as the "symbolic toolbox" for Matlab using the executable MapleToolbox2022.0WindowsX64Installer.exe, which lives in C:\Program Files\Maple 2022. This gives me acces to (some) symbolic computation capability from within Matlab.
  3. This installation process has been working for as long as I remember, certainly more than 10 years
  4. With Maple 2022 and Matlab R2022a, this installation process ran with no problems and I can perform symbolic computation within Matlab
  5. However, although the Matlab help lists the Maple toolbox as supplemental software (as in all previous releases), I can no longer acces help for Maple from within Matlab - I just get a "Page not found" message
  6. The relevant Maple "help" is at the same place within the Matlab folder structure which is C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2022a\toolbox\maple\html
  7. I have just spoken to support at Matlab and they claim tha this must be a Maple (or Maple toolbox installer issue) - so nothing to do with them!
  8. Has anyone else had a similar problem andd found a workaround?
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