Question: how to obtain antiderivative without RootOf ?

I tried different things but can't figure how to make Maple give a simplified result from int command without these RootOf with sums in them. Here is an example.


The strange thing is that doing


Keeps these rootsOf and Sums there. But doing


Gives simplified result without RootOf

I tried DEtools:-remove_RootOf and assumptions and value() but nothing worked. I tried assumptions on a, such as assuming a::integer,a>0 and other things. 

I need similar result as Mathematica:

ClearAll[x, a];
Integrate[1/(a + x^(1/5)), x]

I am sure there is an option in Maple to do that, i.e. give result without these RootOf and Sums. But so far, I could not find it. I looked at options to int() command also. 

Any one know what option to use or how to simplifies it the the above result by Mathematica? 

Maple 2022.1 on windows 10

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