Question: How to simplify Differential output?

Maple knows how to obtain differntials using D.

So typing  D(x*y) it gives   D(x)*y+x*D(y)

But what I want is given as input  D(x)*y+x*D(y) have Maple return back D(x*y)

Nothing I tried work. I tried simplify and convert(...,D) 

I am looking for a function that takes an expression with differentials like the above output, and return, if possible ONE differnetial in the form  D(  f(x,y) )

What I mean, given as INPUT any of these expressions on the RHS in the image below

To return back  the  D(...)  in the LHS above. I know Maple can do it going from the LHS to the RHS. But I want the other way around.

Does Maple support such operations?

Maple 2022.1

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