Question: animate points which are connected with a line in 2d space over time

Hi everyone 

I have a problem with an animation that I dont know how to solve. 

Let's say I have three sets of coordinates. (one static and two moving dependet on time)

1:= [x1;z1]

2:= [x2(t);z2(t)]

3:= [x3(t);z3(t)]

Now I want out of these 3 points two lines that are connected  with each other like this:

line 1:= 1 and 2

line 2:= 2 and 3

These lines should move over time in the 2d space. The only point that doesnt move is point 1. In the animation there should only be the 2 lines visible for each frame. (not a trace or something like this) 

does anyone have an idea how I solve this?

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