Question: Is Maple on Linux as reliable as on Mac?

I've been running some animations on a Macbook Pro 2015 8GB RAM and a Macbook Pro SIlicon 2021 16GB RAM. The problem I was trying to solve was making these laptops run out of memory (animation of a 3D trajectory with 100000 points).

So I switched to a desktop linux setup with 256GB of RAM and 16 cores. I installed Maple and set everything up but it seems SUPER buggy (menus disappearing when I try to hover over their items) and it just crashes on versions of the problem I have that are easy to run even on the 8GB RAM Macbook from 2015.

Is there a history of the Linux version being worse than the Mac version or something? Is there any chance an .mla file I created on a Mac somehow doesn't work correct on Linux? Could it be some internal Maple limitation on memory? I am wondering what it could be.

The OS is Ubuntu 22.10 and the architecture is x86-64.

The requirements say Ubuntu 21.10. Does this mean at least 21.10, or exactly 21.10?

Maple is 2022.2.

Maple Build Number is 1657361

The freezing/crashing of Maple seems to occur when I play an animation. Everything gets slow and then everything stops working. 1000 point trajectory on a sphere. No issue on a much less powerful Macbook.

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