Question: How can I Simplify in the physics package a tensor's indices without explicitly using the metric components?

Hi MaplePrimes, 

I am interested in obtaining some gravitational field equations from an action using the FunDiff command. I have been able to write what I think is a pretty short and quick worksheet(with an arbitrary metric) and I am easily able to obtain the Einstein Field Equations. However, when I introduce some new more complicated terms into the action and apply the Simplify command maple does not appear to be able to evaluate and I end up halting the computation. When I specify a metric Maple, for example Schwarzschild, Maple will easily be able to Simplify my expression but it will use metric components during the process. Where what I am interested in is just the Tensor expression with respective indices. 

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how I could resolve this. 

I have attached the worksheet that I am working with. I look forward to your thoughts/comments.

Thank you.

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