Question: Why can't the commands in these document blocks be hidden?


ODE for electrical circuit (right click on Documentblock, unselect show command does not work. Command still visble)u(t) = T*(diff(`ϕ`(t), t))+L*(diff(i(t), t))+i(t)*R

u(t) = T*(diff(varphi(t), t))+L*(diff(i(t), t))+i(t)*R



ODE for motor (toggle Documentblock, unselect show command is only effective on equations  3 and 4)i(t)*T = J*(diff(`ϕ`(t), t, t))

i(t)*T = J*(diff(diff(varphi(t), t), t))


Isolate i(t) and taking the derivative

i(t) = J*(diff(diff(varphi(t), t), t))/T



diff(i(t), t) = J*(diff(diff(diff(varphi(t), t), t), t))/T




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