Question: does mserver.exe use threads? How to turn that off?

In trying to find why my Maple program encouter long delays when using timelimit and hangs, I found from windows 10 task manager that it uses thread and the thread can hang on network IO. I have no idea why mserver.exe is doing network IO for in the middle of timelimit(). 

But I think this has something to do with the problems I am seeing (reference).

The first thing I noticed is the network panel has check for update ON. So I turned that off.

I do not know if this was causing the problem, where Maple in middle of computation was trying to check for an update over the network or not.

But my question here is this: Does mserver.exe uses threads under the cover? If so, is there an option to turn this off? I.e tell Maple server.exe not to use threads at all?

I was to see if this is the cause or not. I see on the help on kernel options it says

And when I do   kernelopts(multithreaded)  it says  true

But how to turn this off? When I type

Error, kernelopts cannot set multithreaded value

Is it enough to tell it to use ONE thread only then? Like this



If one is not able turn multhreading off, will setting gcmaxthreads=1 have same effect or is there a better way to do these things?

My code does not do any mutlithreading. So I do not need it.

Maple 2023 on windows 10

Is it possible to permanently turn off threading? I looked at options and see no such option.




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