Question: command to list names of all procs in module?

Does Maple have a command to list all names of all procs (local and exported) given a name of module?

There is a question/answer here which shows how to list all procs in module. But I only want the names.

The reason I am asking, I am trying to see if I can code 

               statements = false)

Before running my programming in order to turn tracing on. The problem is that there are 1,000's of proc's in dozens of modules so I need a way to obtain a sequence of the names all such procs automatically each time.

Once I figure how to do it for one module (say moduleA), I will apply this to the other modules I have and collect all names in one long sequence and see if this will work.

Any suggestion how to do this?  I now have all my modules inside one .mla file if it helps. They are all build ito this .mla from source tree of dozens of .mpl files.

Maple 2022 on windows 10

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