Question: LibraryTools and obtaining list of all modules in .mla file

I can't figure how to obtain list of all modules inside my .mla file.

I can see all the modules using the command LibraryTools:-Browse("..../my_file.mla") then clicking EDIT then VIEW option at top right corner.  Member type is automatically set to MODULE in the lower left corner. So I can see the names of all the modules. And using the slider, I can scrol down. I see 73 modules listed.

But I want to do this in code. Not using GUI.

I tried the command


And this gives L of lenght 15805. Looking at each entry in the above list, it shows things I do not understand and I do not want. It has names in there which I do not know where these came from.

There does not seem to be an option in LibraryTools:-ShowContents() to only return the names of the modules inside .mla. At least I can't find such option.

reference Maple help page

Any idea how to do this in code? Not using the maplet? 

Maple 2022 on windows 10

ps. I know I can use the GUI and do EXTRACT to save the list to a file. But this is not good solution. I need the list of names of the modules be in a list so I can do this all in a function with no manual steps.

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