Question: time dependent 2d plot


  ra:=2: b1:=1.41: na:=0.7: we:=0.5: eta[1]:=4*0.1: d:=0.5:
  xi:=0.1: m:=na: ea:=0.5: pr:=21: gr:=0.1: R:=0.9323556933:

  IBC:= {D[1](f)(0,t)=0,f(1,t)=0,f(x,0)=0};

2*(diff(f(x, t), t)) = 1.41+.705*cos(t)+1.150367877*(diff(diff(f(x, t), x), x))+1.150367877*(diff(f(x, t), x))/x


{f(1, t) = 0, f(x, 0) = 0, (D[1](f))(0, t) = 0}


sol := pdsolve({PDE1}, IBC, numeric); sol:-plot(f(x, t), t = 1.2, linestyle = "solid", title = "Velocity Profile", labels = ["r", "f"])




for different time plot of f(x,t) in single plot with different color 

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