Question: How to solve a multivariate non-linear system of equations with algebraic coefficient in Maple.

I have a guess about the set of the zeros of the following polynomial

y(1-x^{m+1}z)+(1-x^{n+1}z), (here m,n are positive integers and z is a primitive d-root of unity)

which are located on the complex 2-dimensional torus. The set of solutions is finite (I think the system is zero-dimensional). My goal is to verify my guess numerically using Maple for some small values of m and n and a fixed value of z. I think if (x,y) is a solution, then x is either a (n-m) root of unity or a (n-m) root of 1/z^2 (where n>m).

You can find my code for n=3 and m = 1 attached (I was not able to load the mw format so I put the zip version). I consider z to be a third root of unity but actually, I am interested in putting z= exp(2pi/3*i) and even the real third root z=1 is not interesting for me, but since the exponential representation led to an error, I changed it to z and mentioned that z^3=1. Still, it has an error and  I would be grateful if you could let me know how I can correct this code.

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