Question: CodeTools[Profile] --Can't get it to work

I'm trying to use CodeTools[Profile] to investigate my memory leak and the effect or lack there of of 'forget' to improve it.

I copied my code from an example:

 [Allow, Build, Coverage, GetProfileTable, Ignore, IsProfiled, 

   LoadProfiles, Merge, PrintProfiles, Profile, Remove, 

   SaveProfiles, Select, SortBy, UnProfile]

Profile([PickAngles(1.0, 1.0, 1.0)]);
Error, (in CodeTools:-Profiling:-Profile) unexpected argument(s)

The 'unexpected argument' is the 'result' from 'PickAngles'. I've tried with and w/o the '[]' but it does the same thing failing to recognize that 'PickAngles' is a procedure.

The example I used is here: procedure.

I did what to make of the subscript Profiles in the example so I used '[Profiles]' and that worked or seemed to.

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