Question: The issue with mtaylor for a function of 2 variables


I want to check my analytical calculations and to compare my results with the series expansion for x=0 and y=0 of the function

R0 := -(1-tanh((1/2)*l*sqrt(k*y^2+x^2)*d)^2)*x/(k*y^2+x^2)+2*tanh((1/2)*l*sqrt(k*y^2+x^2)*d)*x/(l*(k*y^2+x^2)^(3/2)*d)

by means of the command 

mtaylor(R0, [x, y], 5);


However, I have a message from Maple 17

Error, (in mtaylor) does not have a taylor expansion, try series()

I read here a little bit about some bugs of mtaylor function, but how to resolve this issue?

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