Question: Using Maple to measure maps, etc.

I'd like to use Maple to make measurements on a map (Dealey Plaza). I can load an image in Sketcher and draw lines on it, but can't figure out how to access the lengths of those lines.


estart; with(Physics); with(LinearAlgebra); with(VectorCalculus); with(Optimization); with(Statistics); with(ArrayTools); with(plottools); with(plots); with(Threads); with(MmaTranslator[Mma]), with(StringTools); with(CodeGeneration); VectorCalculus:-`*`(Setup(mathematicalnotation = true), Setup(coordinatesystems = cartesian))



[annulus, arc, arrow, circle, cone, cuboid, curve, cutin, cutout, cylinder, disk, dodecahedron, ellipse, ellipticArc, exportplot, extrude, getdata, hemisphere, hexahedron, homothety, hyperbola, icosahedron, importplot, line, octahedron, parallelepiped, pieslice, point, polygon, prism, project, rectangle, reflect, rotate, scale, sector, semitorus, sphere, stellate, tetrahedron, torus, transform, translate]


`Default differentiation variables for d_, D_ and dAlembertian are:`*{X = (x, y, z, t)}


`Systems of spacetime Coordinates are:`*{X = (x, y, z, t)}









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