Question: how to combine inequalities?


r1:=   -1 <= x and x <= 0;
r2:=   0 <= x and x <= 1;

We see that the above can be simplified to one inequality

-1<= x and x<=1

The closest I found to do this is

r1:=-1 <= x and x <= 0;
r2:=0 <= x and x <= 1;
solve(r1 or r2,x);

which gives RealRange(-1, 1) but I'd like to get the form  -1<= x and x<=1 similar to:

I tried convert to piecewise and simplify and few other things. Is there a trick in Maple to simplify/combine/join inequalites like the above? i.e. convert RealRange(-1, 1) to -1<=x and x<=1 

everything is on the real line.

Maple 2023.2

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